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Top AC Brands in India and World 2023

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Due to the changing environmental conditions and drastic changes in temperatures, the summers are becoming hot and unbearable. As a result, air conditioners are increasingly becoming important in our lives in order to ensure comfort and convenience in hot, humid weather. If you are looking to buy an air conditioner, here’s a list of the best air conditioner brands in India and across the world.

Best AC Brands [ Manufacturing Companies in India ]


The foremost company on our list is Daikin, a Japanese firm known worldwide for manufacturing world-class air conditioners. The company was established in 1924 and is considered a market leader in selling high-quality air conditioners. The company uses effective Japanese technology in its air conditioners which is why it has garnered immense popularity in the market. The brand has got much appreciation among its customers due to its unique features and excellent after-sales service. Some of the benefits of Daikin air conditioners involve silent operation, low power consumption, built-in stabilizer, and more.


Hitachi is a multinational corporation in Tokyo and is regarded as one of the world’s best air conditioner manufacturing companies. Hitachi is known for bringing probably one of the finest air conditioners in the world. The brand offers air conditioners with innovative technology and delivers excellent cooling performance. Apart from this, Hitachi’s air conditioners consume less power, handle voltage fluctuations, and come with an energy-saving mode. The brand emphasizes selling sustainable products to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, which is one of the primary reasons for increasing global warming.

Blue Star

Blue Star Ltd is India’s one of the topmost air conditioner manufacturing organizations founded in 1934. This Indian conglomerate has been manufacturing world-class air conditioners based on innovative technology since its inception.

The key reason for Blue Star’s inclusion in the top 11 best air conditioner manufacturers across the world lies behind the innovation it has implemented, alongside the reasonable pricing of the air conditioners.

Air conditioners of Blue Star come with a broad range of features such as copper condenser coil, inverter compressors, 5-star energy rating, and more. The brand has produced high-quality air conditioners, which includes hot & Cold AC , making it one of the market’s oldest and most prestigious AC brands.

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Voltas is an Indian multinational corporation founded in 1954 and is well-known for developing innovative air conditioners. The adjustable split AC by Voltas is one such effort to provide excellent cooling performance while consuming the least amount of energy.

Voltas Limited is a joint venture between Volkart and Tata, specializing in high-quality air conditioning systems and is viewed as one of the most trusted brands.

Voltas air conditioners can meet nearly any cooling need by offering a variety of designs, including split units, slim-line models, and window models. This brand’s air conditioners combine several advantages such as eco-friendly refrigerants, provide instant cooling, and consume less power.


LG is a Korean brand that was founded in 1947 with the goal of providing the best products to its customers in order to ensure their utmost comfort.

The air conditioning unit manufactured by LG are highly preferred for domestic and commercial uses owing to the wide range of features that the company offers, such as five-star energy rating, high grooved copper, air purifying filters, intelligent diagnosis function, and more.

Besides, this brand’s products are highly preferred in India since they are highly energy-efficient and environment friendly that has minimal contribution to global warming.


Whirlpool is a US-based organization known for bringing the latest advancements in its air conditioners and other home appliances. The brand entered the Indian market through a joint venture with the TVS group, and since then, the company is working relentlessly to satisfy its customers’ needs.

The company has a high potential for growth in the Indian market, considering the high-quality products at a low price. The brand has incorporated 6th Sense in its air conditioners which provides excellent cooling in the summers. Apart from this, the air conditioners are designed with Multi Fluid Port technology for fast heat exchange which the efficiency of the machine while saving energy.


Carrier is a US-based company founded in 1920 and is well-known for its contributions to the development of air conditioning technology. The brand partnered with Midea, a Chinese manufacturer of air conditioners, with the objective of penetrating the Indian residential market.

The company has a global presence of about 170 countries due to the innovative technology used to make the air conditioners. This Chinese conglomerate is well-known for making one of the finest window air conditioners with low gas emissions, electricity, and water consumption. Apart from this, the air conditioners of Carrier uses environment friendly that has no potential for ozone depletion.


Panasonic is one of the oldest air conditioner manufacturing brands established in 1918. The company specializes in producing high-quality split air conditioners with a broad range of features and an excellent cooling experience.

The split air conditioners are created high-end Japanese technology, making them a perfect choice for residential as well as commercial spaces. Panasonic has taken the air conditioning technology to a higher level with Wi-Fi-enabled technology features that have redefined connectivity, convenience, and comfort.

Since its inception, the organization has evolved into a huge multinational corporation that specializes in consumer appliances, including air conditioners.


Samsung is a Korean conglomerate established to make customer satisfaction its foremost priority by providing products and services designed specifically to meet its customers’ needs. The brand is a market leader in consumer appliance sales and ranks among the top air conditioner brands for delivering incredible cooling systems.

The brand has a straightforward business policy of developing premium quality products and services with innovative technology to better society. Samsung’s air conditioners are top-notch with several features such as turbo cleaning, three-stage filtration, Eco-mode, dehumidifier, and more.

Final Thoughts

These companies anticipated that air conditioners would become a necessary home item, and from the unique features of their air conditioners, it is clear that they have invested a significant amount of time and money in ensuring that their air conditioners are up to date and energy-efficient. All the brands mentioned above are indeed not one of the cheapest brands but are focused on selling environment-friendly and efficient air conditioners in order to meet the need of its customers.

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